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Make Banana Cry

Andrew Tay (Montréal) + Stephen Thompson (Paris, Calgary)

6 - 8 avril, 20h


with: Ellen Furey, Hanako Hoshimi-Caines, Dana Michel
Simon Portigal, Coman Poon, Jean Jauvin,Dominique Pétrin
Samuel Thériault

World Premiere

Andrew Tay and Stephen Thompson, in collaboration with guests artists from various backgrounds and approaches present Make Banana Cry; a performative dance event fixated on the intricacies and audacities of heritage, cultural identity and a possible way to swallow them for the future.

As aesthetic embodiments of “Asian-ness” become more predominant in western art and pop culture, both artists share a desire to reflect on these representations and explode the mechanisms that create these categorizations within today’s appropriative landscape. Make Banana Cry will be a continuous barrage of identity politics, contemplating the problematic of universal “western” pop culture and mining material from each artist’s proper background, making a space for the public to experience recognition, confusion, and prejudice in the work/selves.

Both Andrew Tay (wants&needs danse) and Stephen Thompson (Par B.L.eux, Trajal Harrell etc.) are independent choreographers working with expanded choreographic proposals. As collaborators, they believe in the importance of creating work with pertinent social implications that directly affect people’s politics and poetics.

Performances : 6 – 8 avril

25 $ Tarif régulier
17 $ – Groupe (10 +)


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