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La Pocha Nostra (San Francisco)

March 25, 8 p.m.

Taking Place
Performance Art Series

The search for who we are is often fuelled by a need to find a place where we belong. The notion of place in Canada in 2017 will be significant. Narratives particular to belonging and to social cohesion will be critical. Taking Place is a performance art series conceived as a means to group together eight significant performance artists from around the globe under one roof precisely at a time when the notion of place becomes especially relevant. Place as address, as geography, as territorial attachment. Community. Taking Place was also conceived as a means to reference civil rights and liberation movements, of inclusiveness. Taking one’s place at a time when the notion of equity is equally as climacteric. Intersection, social identity and indefinite borders.

Canadian Premiere

Uroborus the latest performance by legendary troupe La Pocha Nostra, known for its “robo-baroque/cyborg-kitsch” aesthetic and acid humor. Uroborus is conceived and performed by renowned artist, writer, director, and radical activist Guillermo Gómez-Peña, along with avant-garde performance artist, director and pedagogue Saul Garcia-Lopez, and performer/cyborg poet Balitronica Gomez.

Uroborus is a “high-energy live-art jam session” that dreams for the reinvention of our identities. Using daring shamanic and psychomagic actions, the troupe explores the body politics of non-normative bodies: the aging body, the gender fluid and/or dissident body, ethnic, racialised, and the (un)trained body. The performance is a call to arms against extreme conservatism and violence.

La Pocha Nostra, is a transdisciplinary arts organization focused on collaboration across national borders, race, gender and generations. It has been considered by critics to be “_the most influential Latino performance art troupe of the last 10 years._” (El Pais, Spain.)

Performance : March 25 8 p.m.

20 $ per Taking Place performance
60 $ Taking Place Passport: Illimited access to all 8 performances


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