New primaries © Francisco-Fernando Granados

Make a line

Francisco-Fernando Granados (Toronto)

March 23, 7 p.m.

Taking Place
Performance Art Series

The search for who we are is often fuelled by a need to find a place where we belong. The notion of place in Canada in 2017 will be significant. Narratives particular to belonging and to social cohesion will be critical. Taking Place is a performance art series conceived as a means to group together eight significant performance artists from around the globe under one roof precisely at a time when the notion of place becomes especially relevant. Place as address, as geography, as territorial attachment. Community. Taking Place was also conceived as a means to reference civil rights and liberation movements, of inclusiveness. Taking one’s place at a time when the notion of equity is equally as climacteric. Intersection, social identity and indefinite borders.

World premiere

Durational piece: 4 hours, approximate length
Free Admission

In this performance installation comprising a readymade script and actions, Toronto-based artist Francisco-Fernando Granados resuscitates the story of a “clean-cut, fresh-faced 18 year-old” refugee that is part of a language lesson in an ESL textbook. Motivated by personal memory—the piece is loosely based on an interview the artist gave as a teenager to a Vancouver newspaper. Make a line drifts in the currents of institutionalized cultural memory, tracking the flows of agency and desire latent in a refugee narrative.

Born in Guatemala, Francisco-Fernando Granados is an internationally recognized artist and writer. His live, process-based, and often politically-oriented work draws on his background and experience coming to Canada as a refugee, deploying a range of conceptual and formal strategies to addresses contemporary experiences of queerness and migration.

7 p.m.
Free Admission

60 $ Taking Place Passport: Illimited access to all 8 performances

The artist wishes to acknowledge the support of the Ontario Arts Council, as well as the Canada Council for the Arts.

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