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I stand in

Julie Vulcan (Sydney, Australia)

March 17 + 18 mars, 6 p.m. - 11 p.m.

Taking Place
Performance Art Series

The search for who we are is often fuelled by a need to find a place where we belong. The notion of place in Canada in 2017 will be significant. Narratives particular to belonging and to social cohesion will be critical. Taking Place is a performance art series conceived as a means to group together eight significant performance artists from around the globe under one roof precisely at a time when the notion of place becomes especially relevant. Place as address, as geography, as territorial attachment. Community. Taking Place was also conceived as a means to reference civil rights and liberation movements, of inclusiveness. Taking one’s place at a time when the notion of equity is equally as climacteric. Intersection, social identity and indefinite borders.

Quebec premiere

A durational performance to honour the forgotten, misplaced, unrecovered, and removed, Julie Vulcan*’s *I Stand In invites up to 30 volunteer participants to ‘stand in’ for a faceless individual. The artist enacts a stylized ‘corpse-washing’ ritual. Over time the physical remains of the activity – oil imprinted shrouds – accumulate in the space as a ghostly presence and a symbolic archive to the lost. By being a proxy, each participant offers a human presence against the cold hard statistic of a death toll, the flesh and blood of an individual to counter the thousands of deaths that are not named.

“I Stand In” is part of a body of work by Vulcan that reflects upon transience and traces, and the complexity of understanding mortality within the scale of global human conflict and tragedy.

Julie Vulcan is a Sydney based artist and educator who has been active as Associate and Artistic Director/CEO of PACT centre for emerging artists. She regularly mentors artists, runs masterclasses and facilitates labs and events. Her works have extensively toured Australia and internationally, including Arts House, Melbourne, and the Venice International Performance Art Week, Italy.

Performance : March 17 + 18
6 p.m.
Free admission

60 $ Taking Place Passport: Illimited access to all 8 performances

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