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Leila’s death

Ali Chahrour (Beirut)

Sept. 23 + 24, 8 p.m.

Lebanese choreographer Ali Chahrour presents us with a ceremony of death, as his chief protagonist, Leila, transcribes her grief through the singing of ataba (songs of reproach). Leila’s death is a celebration brought to life by a mourner, a dancer and by live musicians. Based on the notions of martyrdom and of a heroic death, Chahrour*’s work questions the relationship between the body and religion. *_Leila’s death_ borrows elements from traditional song and poetic elegy to reactivate a near-extinct cultural heritage,.

Since graduating from theatre school in Lebanon, Chahrour has researched possible relationships between the religion-saturated cultural and political environment and the concerns and techniques of contemporary art. His work uses dance as a tool to examine religious constraints on expression, not merely to violate taboos but to situate art at the core of religion and ritual.

In association with Festival du Monde Arabe de Montréal.

Performances : September 23 + 24
8 p.m.

25 $ Tarif régulier
17 $ – Groupe (10 +)


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