Se questo e? un uomo (Si c’est un homme)

Eclectik 2016

27 + 28 mai 2016

Closing MAI (Montréal, arts interculturels)’s 2015-2016 season, is our annual multidisciplinary cabaret ECLECTIK. For this edition, several artists share their vision of the world. Brought to life through short performances are the artists’ personal takes on humanity in this 21st century and ongoing battle between good and evil, trauma and resilience. Danced, acted, performed or slammed, this 9th ECLECTIK will undoubtedly be a must see.

For this 9th edition, nine works were commissioned. The challenge: to create a work drawing inspiration from Se questo e? un uomo (If This Is a Man), an autobiographical account of the playwright Primo Levi, survivor of the concentration camps. With tenderness or outrage, innumerable artists from various disciplines offer their warped take on the current state of the world. This ECLECTIK will treat Se questo e? un uomo as a departure point to reflect on ‘man’ in this the 21st century, and on metaethical questions regarding good and evil, gender fluidity and the patriarch (and, for sure, its noble counterpart, the matriarch).


Sorry for the sisters
Queer rapper, feminist and “hopeless romantic” Hua Li, Peggy Hogan ’s alterego, offers Sorry for the sisters. Neo-soul, hip-hop crossed with jazz and electro glitter, a raw musical performance awaits! In 2015, the multidisciplinary artist released her second album Za Zhong (Art Not Love Records), launched her first video Pinkett (produced by Teck-Zilla) and performed at POP MONTRÉAL.

Political activist emcee Emrical presents his latest musical opus, Ibuprofène, a rap immersed in the frenzy of an individual fallen prey to debt. With outrage and poetry, the singer-songwriter delivers a virulent criticism on social inequalities. Member of the Montreal hip-hop collective Kalmunity, Ricardo L’amour alias Emrical also appeared in Annabel Soutar’s – Freddy performed at La Licorne, in
March 2016.

Concrete Jungle
Concrete Jungle is a lyrical metaphor of our time, Urban Jungle, human jungle. At the crossroads of soul, R & B and afro-house, Concrete Jungle is a call for solidarity, denunciation of a world turned upside-down. Rapper Meryem Saci ironically revisits James Brown’s This is a man’s world. The singer-songwriter has performed internationally both with Montreal’s renowned hip-hop band Nomadic Massive and as a solo artist.


mass-klo, matisklo
A dance essay inspired by the illustrations of Gustave Doré made for the Divine Comedy (Dante Alighieri), mass-klo, matisklo explores the dark side, and the strength needed to survive torture. Submerged within a Dante-esque world, and in one that echoes Primo Levi‘s passage “With no more strength to remember… In your breast you carry cold, hunger, nothing.” A native of Bogotá, Colombia, choreographer and interpreter Eduardo Ruiz Vergara is the founder of Estantres Danza.

A traditional Buddhist dance native to Fukushisma, Jangara Nembutsu was conceived of during the Edo period (1603- 1867). Accompanied with taiko (Japanese percussion), Kayo Yasuhara offers Jangara, a tribute to the Japanese who lost their lives in the nuclear accident at Fukushisma. Dancer, actress and musician – shamisen and percussion – Yasuhara recently presented Okuni, a tribute to the founder of Kabuki (traditional Japanese theater) at Studio 303.

Dans le ventre de l’éléphant marron
A voyage to the land of Memory, Dans le ventre de l’éléphant marron proposes a metaphorical reading of the darkest pages of humanity. An organic tangle of storytelling and contemporary African dance, Sarah Elola ’s solo tackles themes of transcendence and survival that are dear to her. “ Do not forget. To go beyond the visible and the unspeakable. To be reborn. “


A man undresses: he is vulnerable and humiliated. A voice calls “Number 653 721, proceed to block 898!”. A nod to George Orwell’s novel 1984, and his totalitarian regime, but also echoing Hannah Arendt’s philosophical concept on the “banality of evil” which has resulted in significant controversy concerning the responsibility of Nazi leaders vis à vis the atrocity of their crimes. Playwright and actor, Mohsen El Gharbi is known for his monologues on the theme of identity and the transmission of violence – Juste pour mourir – monologue d’un kamikaze raté!, Le dernier rôle.


L’ailleurs est un bien vaste pays
“They say you always feel torn between the tree and the canoe, between the desire
to settle and the thirst for adventure. Until the day comes that we begin to understand that it is with the tree that one produces the canoe.” Mafane ’s tale L’ailleurs est un bien vaste pays, was inspired by oral traditions to evoke an encounter with the ‘other’, and beyond, a meeting with oneself. Originally from l’île de La Réunion, Mafane recently received the Emerging Storyteller Award from
Storytellers of Canada.


Free Your Mind
Roen Higgins ’s text addresses the mental illness of a loved one and the feelings of helplessness and empathy we experience. She maintains that the “identity crisis” can lead to depression or mental illness. A 2012 recipient of the Gloria Mitchell-Aleong Award (BTW), Roen Higgins is well-known on the local slam-poetry scene. A multidisciplinary artist and community activist, Higgins was the instigator of several social projects, including the Black Gold Voices podcast designed to connect all “ambassadors for change.

18 $ – Electik


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