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Aharona Israel (Tel-Aviv)

Apr. 1st + 2nd, 2016

Quebec premiere

Three figures run a “marathon”, struggling to continue as they spiral into the depths of Israeli consciousness. As their journey becomes more painful, the performers’ personal stories intertwine and break down, revealing the wounds of contemporary Israeli society.
Combining dance, text, theatre, and grueling physicality, Marathon uses the autobiographical stories of performers Ilya Domanov, Merav Dagan, and Gal Shamai to reflect a state of constant emergency. Within this circular arena, an authentic theatrical progression of the performers’ increasing exhaustion happens, in real time, exposing and exerting themselves in questions of individual and social identity.

Choreographer, performer and teacher Aharona Israel draws from personal stories and on notions of Israeli identity that are then transformed into broader questions on the human condition. Carried by words as much as by the performers’ individual bodies, Marathon is a visceral work that depicts the desperate need to hold onto ideas and ideals in an impossibly unstable world. Who will survive? And in what costs?

A choreographer and theatre director based in Israel, Aharona has been presenting her work in Israel and abroad since 2003. Her work relates to an intimate research on body and movement, and a strong sensibility to social and political themes. With a particular interest in interactive multidisciplinary performances, Aharona often makes atypical projects, using non-theatrical spaces, bringing together her understanding of space as an architect, and her skills as a performer. Aharona was trained in dance in Israel and Holland and holds a B.Arch in Architecture from Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem.

« All the elements – the lighting, the sound effects, the acting, the dialogue and the choreography – came together to create a uniquely beautiful and emotionally charged piece of theatre. » – On stage, Ottawa

« It is smartly conceived show that likens the trudging, unquestioning, and mechanical pace of the marathon runner to their duty-bound sense of national identity… it offers a time-warped, placeless, and surreal aesthetic that leaves a haunting resonance. » – The CCC Ottawa (CAPITAL CRITICS’ CIRCLE)

25 $ – Regular
20 $ – Discount – (Professional artists, Seniors, Students, Acce?s Montre?al cardholders, DAM, ELAN members.)
17 $ – Group (10 +)


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