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Black & Scholes (1973)

Kim-Sanh Châu (Montréal)

Feb. 20, 2016

8 p.m.
MAI Theatre
Guest passes available.
Contact the box office: (514) 982-3386

Artist in residence. In partnership with PRIM.

Black & Scholes (1973) is a work about chaos, a hybrid performance blending contemporary dance and media arts. Here, video becomes a choreographic score.

The work of dancer / choreographer Kim-Sanh Châu perpetually considers the body in relation to the dynamics of structure, creation, deconstruction, and destruction, and revolves around the notion of loss of control.

Performers Maud Llorente, Erin Hill and Kim-Sanh Châu move against and in complicity with visual projections of hand-drawn geometric shapes, influenced in part by her Asian heritage. The movement is sometimes synchronized and precise while also raw and improvised. A perfect match between organic and digital; dance and animation become one.

Black & Scholes (1973) was inspired by a theory on equations used in financial markets. Appropriating this thesis, Châu, recipient of the 2014 MAI/PRIM residency, plays on its ambiguities to express chaos. Reflecting on her own psyche, the emerging choreographer and former student of finance, revisits this theory from a Cartesian perspective and with a fascination for the unpredictable.

First presented in a short version at Performances #6 in 2014, Black & Scholes (1973) is Chau’s second creation, presented here in its final version.

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