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The Present Future is Written In The Past

Diyan Achjadi (Vancouver)

Nov. 5 – Dec. 12, 2015

In this exhibition, Diyan Achjadi appropriates imagery from different traditions and backgrounds to reveal how cultures feed on each other through imitation, transformation, adaptation, and continual recycling.

In her drawings, the artist presents captivating and colourful mash-ups, including Renaissance imagery, Indonesian textiles, wallpaper patterns, tableware designs, figures from world folklore, engravings, children’s books and comic books. Fine arts mingle with decorative arts. Low culture blends with high culture. Ancient meets the exoticized. From the chaos emerges a fabulous bestiary, improbable and fascinating, peopled by hybrid creatures that appear disconnected from their origins, inhabiting uncertain spaces. A very modern mythology.

Throughout history, through trade, travel, colonization, and migration, it is this dissemination of the arts, this cross-pollination of imaginary worlds and representations, that have constructed our mental worlds, both individual and collective, our perceptions of the everyday, of people and ideas.

Diyan Achjadi breathes new life into images and artifacts by boldly appropriating them through a long and painstaking work of reproduction. Her exuberant drawings explore what builds our imaginary worlds, the artistic and cultural links that connect us all.

An artist of Indonesian origin and a graduate of Concordia University and The Cooper Union (NYC),Diyan Achjadi now lives and works in Vancouver. Her work has been exhibited internationally and was first shown at MAI in 2009 in the exhibition Sugar Bombs curated by Zoë Chan.

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