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Le corps sans organes

Ila Firouzabadi + Payam Mofidi (Montréal)

Sept. 10 – Oct. 17, 2015

Aseman Sabet (Montréal), curator

Vernissage: Thursday Sept. 10 – 5 p.m.

Le corps sans organes (The body without organs), featuring three distinct works, fosters a dialogue between two unique artists linked by a common concern: an ominous world under the yoke of war and subsequent violence.

Les becs by Ila Firouzabadi embodies this violence through a series of wall-mounted beaks pierced individually by the blade of a knife. Accompanying these multiples is an ambiguously placed trough containing a small quantity of water. These disparate elements converge to create an all-pervading anxiety, suggestive of a world marked by carnage.

The video installation Cohesive Disorder by Payam Mofidi was conceived as a metaphor to examine the role of religion and political power. Confronting the viewer with a narrative about the human condition from an epistemological perspective, this video trilogy acts as a real system of differential relations that creates actual spaces, times, and sensations.

The Sea Smiles from Far Off. Teeth of Foam. Lips of sky, created collectively by the duo, is an interactive installation consisting of archival images as well as fictitious portraits of individuals recounting their personal experiences during a time of war. Images are projected downwards from ceiling to floor and are made visible in the palms of the viewer’s hands, as well as being projected onto the walls through the use of mirrors. These symbolic actions are designed to highlight the civilians’ role in wartime manifesting the damaging effects of conflict.

The art of Payam Mofidi invites us to renegotiate our critical and empathetic relationship with reality and to reconcile collective memory with individual narratives of social conflict and human suffering. As for Ila Firouzabadi, she creates a hybrid work of bodies and arrangements imbued with emotion from which emerges a painful and uncompromising poetry.

Ila Firouzabadi and Payam Mofidi are Iranian-born artists. Both are graduates of visual arts programs in France, and both now reside in Montreal. The duo Firouzabadi-Mofidi have exhibited their works in North America, Europe and Asia.

Presentation text by Aseman Sabet, curator (.pdf)

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