Julieta Maria

Mending the Everyday

Julieta Maria (Toronto)

Feb. 28 - March 7

Projet vitrine – Nocturnal video installation

February 28 to March 7, 2015

6 pm to 11pm

At the end of this month, as night falls, the front windows of MAI Montréal, arts interculturels) will become animated with not so ordinary imagery. A video installation projected onto the exterior windows of the building, Mending the Everyday is aimed at attracting the eye of passers-by on Jeanne-Mance St. through its urban poetry. The video triptych created by Toronto-based artist Julieta Maria is comprised of performative actions that signal an intrusion into the everyday. Maria enacts small rituals whereby processes of vulnerability, violence and healing are central, and one recognizes that traumatic events are rooted in the ordinary. The videographic triptych combines the following three works: Cut, Plant and Limpia.

Cut (6:15 min, 2010)
sewing. The artist sits in front of the camera and cuts her t-shirt with a pair of scissors, upwards in the direction of her neck. Then, with needle and thread, she starts sewing the shirt in the same direction. The action is performed blindly. Cut is an excerpt of the video installation Exercises in Faith (2010).

Limpia (2:37 min, 2013)
Through the action of licking, the video reveals the healing and authoritative role of a mother. Limpia has several meanings. It means ‘to clean’, but in the Colombian Caribbean region, it also means to reprimand through spanking.

Plant (8:40 min, 2010)
This video documents the destruction and reassembling of a pot in which a house plant is planted. The artist breaks the pot and then organizes the pieces and the soil, like solving a puzzle, into a two dimensional arrangement that resembles the original. The video performance leaves the viewer occupying a world in which loss and death that cannot be overcome. Plant is an excerpt of the video installation Exercises in Faith (2010).

Colombian-born artist Julieta Maria works with a variety of media, including video, interactive video installations and the web. She has participated in several international screenings and exhibitions, including Artist Village (Taipei), Espacio de Arte Contemporáneo (Montevideo), Fase 4 (Argentina), Imagem Contato (Brazil), Estarter#3 (Indonesia), Scope Basel (Switzerland), the Hemispheric Institute of Performance and Politics (Colombia), and the Interactiva Biennale (Mexico). Actively involved in various art organisations, Maria is a co-founder of e-Fagia Visual and Media Art Organization in Toronto, where she is currently executive director. Julieta Maria graduated from York University with Master’s in Fine Art, and currently lives and works in Toronto.

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