Artists of diversity & those living in our Milton Parc neighborhood


We warmly invite you to submit to SalonEsque, a Salon-style exhibition that will take place in the MAI Gallery from May 21 – 30, 2015. An opening gala will be held on May 21.

Borrowing from a tradition when the royally sanctioned Académie des beaux-arts held its first semi-public art exhibit at the Salon Carré in Paris. In 1725, the Salon was held in the Palais du Louvre and was essential for any artist to achieve success in France, marking a sign of royal favor. The MAI’s version of this historical event takes the form of a non-juried exhibition where section by section of the gallery walls will be filled from floor to ceiling (the more art, the more space covered). Featuring an opening night gala in the spirit of early 20th century Paris, 27 rue de Fleurus.

To submit, please contact Erika Kierulf, Production Coordinator, by e-mail and include the following information:

  • - Digital image(s) of work(s) submitted
  • - Title of work(s) and year of production
  • - Medium
  • - Dimensions (please note that works of all dimensions are accepted)
  • - Technical requirements

Works must be ready to hang.

Submissions and administrative fees must be sent by May 8, 2015.

A $25.00 fee is applicable for each work submitted, payable by cheque or in cash at our Box Office.

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