"Yeux de Cérès", Ilya Krouglikov & Eduardo Ruiz Vergara. Photo © Orion Szydel

Yeux de Cérès

Ilya Krouglikov + Eduardo Ruiz Vergara (Montreal, Bogotá)

26 + 27 sept.

A dialogue straddling varying genres and traditions, Yeux de Cérès transports the audience to a universe of metamorphoses, a meeting between two mutating bodies and disparate voices. The accomplices develop a gestural score inspired by myths and dreams, but rooted in the everyday. Monsters, Cyclopes and other imaginary creatures emerge from familiar movements and kitchen stories. Like an offering to Ceres, goddess of harvests and fertility, this journey brings the fertility of the mind to the limits of reality.

Choreographer, performer and co-director of Estantres Danza, Eduardo Ruiz Vergara contributed to more than fifteen creative productions before settling in Montreal. His pursuit of a corporeal language has brought him to explore the intersecting relationships between sound, image and movement.

Looking for a fortunate encounter between the arts, Ilya Krouglikov has initiated ‘undisciplined’ projects and collaborated with a wide range of artists. Drawn to dance, he plays the game as a performer and studies the craft of a dramaturg by accompanying creative processes for the stage.



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