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The Collective Man

Tehnica Schweiz (Budapest, Berlin)

1er nov. — 6 déc.

Katja Melzer (Montréal), curator

The multidisciplinary installation The Collective Man is the product of intensive photographic archiving, research and interviews with inhabitants of the Yad Hanna kibbutz. Founded in 1950 by Hungarian survivors of the Holocaust, it was the most famous communist kibbutz in Israel for many years. In The Collective Man, the Tehnica Schweiz collective (Gergely László, Péter Rákosi and Katarina Ševi?) tells the story of its transformation over time and its slow disintegration using photographs, everyday anecdotes and micro-histories collected from 2008 to 2010.

Touching and intriguing, this collective and creative reappropriation does not aim for objective reconstitution or historical truth, but questions the relevance of archives in the perception of the past, and their role in greater historical narratives. It brings up the difficulty of pursuing utopian ideals and collective projects on a day-to-day basis, with its trivial challenges and the vagaries of communitarian life. This is the first Canadian presentation of this collective work.

Opening: Saturday, November 1st – 3 PM



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