"Corpus", Teesri Duniya Theatre. Photo: © Pat Ferro


Teesri Duniya Theatre (Montréal)

12 — 30 nov.

In Corpus, a young and ambitious scholar is studying the troubling relationship between the wife of a Nazi officer and a Polish Jewish prisoner at the Auschwitz concentration camp. Her academic research takes her to troubling, unexpected places.

Written by Darrah Teitel, this piece confronts history and horror, questioning the need to transform history into fiction to better understand and come to terms with our past. Directed by Liz Valdez, Corpus is a brilliant piece that asks fundamental moral questions: How do we deal with unthinkable atrocities like the Holocaust? How much do we need to understand the psychological states of its perpetrators? How does the past’s writing influence the present? Interspersed with dark humor, Corpus blurs the lines between past and present, real and virtual, Auschwitz and contemporary Canada.

Corpus is produced by the Teesri Duniya Theatre, a Montreal-based company dedicated to drawing on the experiences of different communities to create and present striking politically and socially relevant work.



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