"Yellow Towel", Dana Michel. Photo: © Maxyme G. Delisle

Yellow Towel

Dana Michel (Montréal)

4 — 6 déc.

As a child, Dana Michel would drape a yellow towel around her head to imitate the blonde girls at school. As an adult, she revisits this imaginary world, creating a seminal and singular work.

In her solo Yellow Towel, she weaves and unravels her identity by mimicking and distorting black cultural stereotypes, while also borrowing from fashion aesthetics, queer culture, music videos and comedy. Through this metamorphosis, a strange, untamed creature emerges with baffling gestures and language.

At once serious, foolish, impressive and vulnerable, Dana Michel ’s performance confirms her strong physical presence and unbridled imagination. Not only has Yellow Towel been lauded by critics, but it has made a long-lasting impression on audiences, notably at Montreal’s Festival TransAmériques and New York’s American Realness Festival.


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