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Neither Here Nor There / Ni ici ni ailleurs

Nika Khanjani (Montréal)

12 déc. / 19h

Born in Iran, Nika Khanjani is a writer, activist and video-artist. By exploring contrasting extremes with a patient sense of beauty, she creates disorienting sensory experiences. Recipient of the joint PRIM-MAI residency in 2013, Khanjani has created the video art piece Neither Here Nor There: A Study of an Adopted City, which immerses the viewer into those urban and social spaces that struck the artist’s imagination upon her arrival to Montréal: an underground shopping mall, a schoolyard, an Italian social club…

Filmed at night and at dusk, the spaces are empty or practically deserted. The accompanying soundtrack was captured however while each space was bustling and at its liveliest. This disparity between image and sound is meant to reveal the sensitivity of new immigrants. Neither Here Nor There reflects the immigrant’s struggle to find his or her bearings in new urban spaces by remaining focused on capturing all possible impressions. A delicate testimonial on exile and on distance… with thoughts of those who are absent.


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