"Sweet Gyre", Su-Feh Lee & Benoit Lachambre. © Yvonne Chew

Sweet Gyre

Su-Feh Lee + Benoit Lachambre (Vancouver, Montréal)

5 — 7 mars

Sweet Gyre is a work based on the body, its possibilities, and the transmission of energy between organisms. This piece is brought to life by two gifted and prolific creator-performers: Malaysian dancer, choreographer and dramaturge Su-Feh Lee, and the radical Québécois choreographer Benoît Lachambre.

Throughout their artistic careers, both Lee and Lachambre have relentlessly pursued authentic, instinctive, and fluid gesture, free from various social and cultural constraints and representations. Liberated bodies, political bodies: The two come together to create a fascinating and intense work that continually pushes and deepens our perceptions of human anatomy, space and time. Audiences don’t watch Sweet Gyre – it is an organic, sensory experience that stirs up intense emotions. Situated within a visual environment by photographer Robert Flynt, accompanied by a soundscape by Juno Award-winning composer Jesse Zubot, Sweet Gyre was first presented in 2013 at the Dance Centre in Vancouver.

Jesse Zubot excerpt from Sweet Gyre (2015)


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