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The Tashme Project: The Living Archives

Julie Tamiko Manning + Matt Miwa (Montréal, Ottawa)

7 — 17 mai

The Tashme Project pieces together the unknown stories of the Nisei, the second generation of Japanese Canadians. The piece brings to life the accounts of twenty members of this community, whose childhoods were impacted by the forced World War II internment. Often hidden, this chapter of Canadian history is revisited through
interviews conducted by Julie Tamiko and Matt Miwa: memories of games and adventures in the camps, memories of injustice, deportation and resettlement in the painful post-war period, and memories of the decades that followed.

The entire history of the Nisei, from the camps to present day, takes the stage, breaking silence and shame. In a fluid installation, the anonymous voices intermingle and respond to each other. Tamiko and Miwa add their stories to the understated, moving voices of the Nisei, who are now in their seventies and eighties. An entire generation, and their heritage, is revealed, along with their experiences in adversity, racism, perseverance and dignity. The Tashme Project is an essential story, with an entire community taking the stage.


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