Eclectik 2015

29 + 30 mai

In the spotlight for this edition of ECLECTIK are those culturally diverse performers whose stage is often inside a metro station, outside on the street corner or in a public park. Buscar, meaning to seek in Spanish (as in seeking one’s fame and fortune), assembles a posse of modern-day troubadours and street performers for two nights of brilliant and unexpected performances. From street to stage: 20 artists and 12 astounding musical performances. The 8th edition of ECLECTIK features a wide variety of musical instruments, sounds, styles and cultural influences… a shamisen banjo, a Basque accordion, the kora, a beat box, inner sound, and of course, the guitar to mention just a few. New for this year: A public choice award! Audiences of ECLECTIK will be invited to vote for their favourite performance.

Modern-day troubadours
The practice of performing in public for money, food, drink or gifts dates back to antiquity and has taken on a number of guises through history notably minstrel, troubadour, jongleurs, Mariachis, medicine show and the one man band. Today, in cities around the world, buskers and street musicians too often ply their art before nameless audiences. Buscar provides a remedy to this situation. Montreal’s public spaces, renowned for their cultural wealth and diversity, offer an unlimited source of musical talent. At Eclectik 2015, Buscar brings some of the city’s most vibrant underground performance spaces to the MAI stage.

Amongst our lineup of artists for BUSCAR, three were listed in CULT MTL’s the BEST OF MTL MUSIC 2015 – BEST BUSKER. These musicians are: Clay & Friends (5th place), Old Time Honey (6th place) and Philippe Mius d’Entremont (10th place).

Hints of hip-hop
The idea for Clay and Friends formed backstage following a show at a Freestyle session. Since then, they have become a bilingual collective that merges various styles of music, including hip-hop, funk, jazz, soul and reggae. In 2013, the group released its first EP: A Quest Called Jam III. This time, two of the quintet will perform: the duo of Mike Clay (composer) and Aydell (beatbox).Dalton, alias Jonathan Boucher, has performed at various hip-hop events, including those of Il était une fois dans l’ouest. The singer-songwriter will accompany singer Micheline Amelie in Holdin up, a video produced by DGZ-Filmz.

Folk sounds, rock sounds and klezmers
This artistic resurrection of Old Time Honey is a merry rebellion, born on the streets of Montreal, in the form of sultry banjo playing (Aly Neumann), thumping washtub bass (Speedy Johnson) and one-of-a-kind washboard percussion (Squirrell Nutstein). The trio can sometimes be found taking Berri-UQAM station by storm.

Two voices, a guitar and a banjo: this is Jitensha, comprising David Martinez and Erin Rose Hubbard. The duo has performed in Canada and the United States, and Buck Moon, their second self-produced album, is available on Bandcamp. Maybe you have heard them playing around Place des Arts?

Juliana & Jesse are a musical duo made up of sister and brother Juliana and Jesse James Just Costa. They mainly write their own songs, in English, French and Spanish, drawing on folk, blues and world beat genres, and call their blend “urban folk.”

Philippe Mius d’Entremont, a cellist associated with the rock music scene, is a member of various groups, including the Montreal Intercultural Orchestra and The Clandestine Improvisation Association. He recently appeared in the Quartier des spectacles, as part of the One Man Band Festival.

Winner of Prix de la diversité 2013,* Trio Populaire* (Pierre Emmanuel Poizat, Tacfarinas Kichou and Joey Mallat) has been diligent in combining the different influences of each of its members into a coherent whole, its trademark being the out-of-ordinary mix of flamenco guitar, the North African darbuka and Jewish melodies. Rhythms from three differing shores of the Mediterranean meet and intermingle.

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