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Transsubstantiation ou les virus menacent, pasteurisez-vous ! (2011)

Sophia Gaspard

October 13 to 16, 2011

October 13 to 16, 2011

« La jeune danseuse ressent avec urgence un désir de danser, le droit à la liberté d’être et de penser au-delà des stéréotypes raciaux, religieux ou sexuels à l’intérieur desquels on nous enferme trop souvent. » Normand Marcy, VOIR, 2004

‘‘Sophia Gaspard performed a contemporary dance demonstrating great delicacy…’’
An inVisible minority, 2011

For choreographer Sophia Gaspard, the human experience – its tragedies, its fragility, the fears and anxieties but also its splendour – is an endless source of inspiration. On a personal level, inner chaos, moments of grace and anomalies of all kinds are those experiences that push us to seek perfection in the way we express ourselves. Gaspard’s newest creation makes reference to the act of transubstantiation, a changing or mental transference whereby the mundane is transformed into the exceptional and divine. Rendered through a series of emotionally-charged tableaus and mixed sensations, it is a movement laboratory where dance, acting, singing, poetry, and performance come into play.

Sophia Gaspard holds a bachelor’s degree in contemporary dance from UQÀM. She has also studied Capoeira, Wushu, and Tai Chi. Once a dancer and backing vocalist for the now-defunct klezmer band Raoul et les Raoulettes, Gaspard has also embraced hip hop culture with her solo piece Jess Kom ou Dance For Your Right To Fight at the event DNA – Définition non applicable. As a solo dancer, she toured the United States for Cirque du Soleil’s DÉLIRIUM and has worked with several Montreal choreographers, including Mia Maure Danse.

Choreography / Sophia Gaspard
In collaboration with / Maude Lapointe
Dancers / Sophia Gaspard and Maude Lapointe
Artistic advisor / Ginelle Chagnon
Sound design / Thierry Gauthier
Lighting design / Anne-Marie Rodrigue-Lecours
Stagehand / Richard Houle

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