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Martin Rodriguez + Jérémi Roy (Montréal)

March 21 + 22, 2014


March 21st and 22nd, 2014

A medical diagnosis serves as the guiding idea behind Cabezón (big head in Spanish), a work by composer Martin Rodriguez and his collaborator Jérémi Roy. An interactive sonic environment doubling as musical performance, Cabezón (2013) explores how we, as individuals and/or as a community, react when confronted with the unexpected, with life-changing experiences that cross our path.

This sonic exploration, consisting of acoustic and electronic sounds, is designed as that place where active choices collide with unpredictable occurrences. Musical compositions performed live – a high-tension emotional charge – add a supplementary layer to the sound installation, while projected images contribute to controlling or distorting our perception of the surrounding space.

Martin Rodriguez*’s sound explorations and cinematic music are highly exuberant rooted in his colourful experiences as a Polish-Mexican-American. His solo project, *Open La Puerta mixes elements of improvisation and found art, creating a musical atmosphere that reflects on fragmented memories of heritage. A composer and Sound Artist, he creates sound tracks for theatre and produces albums for various groups and solo artists – She’s Got a Habit, AKUA, Molly Sweeney, etc.

Jérémi Roy, a composer and bass player, has a passionate interest in the trances found in traditional Eastern and Maghreb music, and has led several musical groups including an eponymous amplified quartet. Recording tape and tape recorders, as motors of controlled chance, are his preferred artistic materials.

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