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Le dernier rôle

Mohsen El Gharbi (Montréal)

February 26 - March 8, 2014


Feb 26th to March 1st & March 5th to 8th, 2014 at 8pm

The role of the actor playing murderer Mark Taylor will now be played by Mohsen El Gharbi (La neige cache l’ombre des figuiers, Omi Mouna, The Poster, etc.)

Le dernier rôle is the interior monologue of an actor preparing to play the role of a mass murderer named Mark Taylor, responsible for the killing of 17 women. It’s just one role among many others, but it’s a role that no one wants to play – and for good reason. How do you play a murderer? How far do you go to understand and identify with the character? This piece judiciously poses questions about theatrical representation. But this doubt-induced conflict applies to each of us: to what extent does the potential for this same terrible violence exist in within ourselves? A monologue at the boundary of madness.

The author, actor and stage director of Belgian-Tunisian descent Mohsen El Gharbi uses his own history to seek out the roots of violence and the means with which to free oneself from it. Following his monologue Juste pour mourir, monologue d’un kamikaze raté !, in Le dernier rôle he continues his disquieting and essential exploration into this violence that lurks in each of us, which we have sometimes inherited. Le dernier rôle is his fifth piece for the theatre and his third foray as stage director.

In French.

Presented in association with MONTRÉAL EN LUMIÈRE


Press Release (In French)

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