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Pulsar 4

Mehdi Nabti (Montréal)

December 6 & 7, 2013


December 6th and 7th, 2013

The improvised, instrumental music of Pulsar 4 offers the ultimate listening experience. This quartet borrows from contemporary jazz and draws from North American and European traditions while also featuring Maghreb and Sub-Saharan percussion. The ending result is an innovative sound at once familiar and yet atypical made up of rhythmic explorations and virtuoso improvisation. An all encompassing intercultural experience!

The saxophonist and flautist Mehdi Nabti, founder of the group Pulsar 4, is the author of numerous writings on trance music of the Maghreb. This multi-instrumentalist of Kabyle descent (Algeria) also founded and led Aissawaniyya, a distinctive group of jazz and Sufi musicians. This band has performed in several European and Canadian festivals.

An unconventional composer, Nabti uses geomancy, an ancient divination technique, to compose rhythms, scales and harmonic sequences. Mehdi Nabti has recorded three albums, including In Situ (Mehdi Nabti & Nass Lounassa) an experimental Arabic-Berber jazz opus. For Pulsar 4, Nabti – on alto saxophone and keyboards – is joined by the seasoned musicians Nicolas Lafortune on electric bass, Kullak Viger Rojas on Eastern and Latin percussion and Lionel Kizaba on drums and Congolese percussion.

« Les mains divines deviennent des ailes de papillons, et soudainement (…) le soleil d’une salsa rock’n roll et toute la joie de cette union cosmopolite. » – TOUKI MONTRÉAL


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