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Te Toki Haruru – the resounding adze (Auckland)

November 28th - 30th, 2013


November 28th – 30th, 2013 – 8 PM

“From the darkness comes a cold wind to crush the body, prophetic shadows transform the discontinued, an unspoken community. Unearth the T??hu, ritual space of the unknown.” – Charles Koroneho

In the Maori language, pure is a ritual and action which consists of “loosening” from dangerous elements and “binding” to beneficent ones. Pure (2013) unfolds in a penumbra of mystery, an intercultural performance drawn from the ritual activity of the Tohunga/shaman. The ritual body, enveloped by the mythic, images of alienation narrate ancestral tales of cultural upheaval and reluctant anonymity. The choreography of Charles Koroneho becomes a T??hu offering, in a theatre of transgression, in a perpetual cycle of transformation. Timeless.

A protean artist, the New Zealander Charles Koroneho shares his vision of dance with IndependANCE, is an associate artist with Lemi Ponifasio MAU, and has worked in collaboration with Min Tanaka and Guillermo Gomez-Pena. Whether political, surrealist or invested with biting irony, Koroneho*’s work, such as his satirical *Cultistic Misfit , is an eloquent assertion of Maori culture. His performance practice has given rise to diverse projects over the past 25 years, including T??HU Choreographic Research, a platform for the creation of a philosophical space for indigenous dance.

« Most stirring, however, was a memorable performance by Charles Koroneho that left the audience smiling, laughing and irrevocably moved. » – The Lumière Reader

Quebec premiere


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