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Eclectik 2013

May 31 and June 1, 2013


May 31 and June 1, 2013 – 8pm

Tribuna. A raised platform or dais from which Greek and Roman orators lectured the people. Unfolding under the sign of the tribuna, the 6th edition of ECLECTIK walks hand in hand with the “socially committed” stance of its 14th season. Tribuna invites “artist/citizens” to don the hat of spokesperson for causes dear to their hearts, and to alight the stage with passion and vigour.

Performance, installation and video artists, slammers, poets, dancers, actors, composers and musicians unite in this “mani-festive” cabaret. Whether through a rant, empasioned plea, or political act, this interdisciplinary soap box gives voice to the art of conscience.

Participating artists:

Naziha Arebi
Wesli Band
Soufia Bensaïd
Amrita Choudhury
Moe Clark + Shahrzad Arshadi
Rhodnie Désir
Kym Dominique-Ferguson
Hinda Es-Sadiqi
Anas El Gomati + Ibrahim El Mayet
Shireen Abu Hamda
Julio Hong
Geeta Pearson
Ibrahim Y. Shebani
Mireille Tawfik + Emmanuelle Calvé
The Encounters Project Ensemble

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GRAFFITI — Tripoli Stories (2012). Anas El Gomati, Ibrahim El Mayet
Photo : courtoisie du Scottish Documentary Institute

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