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Étrange dictature (2012)

Sayeh Sarfaraz (Montréal)

January 19 to February 16, 2013


January 19 to February 16, 2013

« By a power transfer, the artist becomes the mistress of her own world as an outlet where her thoughts can freely unfold. » – CAMBRIDGE TIMES (Cambridge, Canada)

The installation Étrange dictature casts in relief the brutality and violence of the world’s dictatorships and citizen demonstrations in favour of their rights. The work tirelessly archives these “experiences which will never be erased from our collective memory.” The artistic universe of Sayeh Sarfaraz draws its inspiration from political events connected to the government of her birthplace. Her installations, with a nod to Persian miniatures and poetry, are both playful and political, virulently denouncing Islamic dictatorships. The constant distress of conflict, censorship and the isolation of the Iranian people is conveyed through the simple language of plastic toys and drawings. Directly related to her itinerancy and exile, the figurines she arranges in child-like and haphazard ways are exposed to dramatic situations such as violent battles, bombings and imprisonment.

Sayeh Sarfaraz was born in Shiraz, Iran’s cultural capital, and has lived in Montreal since 2008. She works in drawing, installation and video. Several cities have hosted her work, including Strasbourg, New York, Paris, Berlin, Leipzig and Montréal. In 2010-11 Sayeh Sarfaraz was artist in residence at the Darling Foundry. She is currently represented by the Antoine Ertaskiran gallery in Montreal.

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