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Où ai-je déjà vu cela ?

Parissa Mohit (Montréal)

November 4 to 10, 2012

Video installation – vitrine project

November 4 to 10, 2012

A video installation projected onto the windows of the MAI, Où ai-je vu cela attracts the attention of passers-by on Jeanne Mance St. with its urban poetry. Conceived using animated film techniques, this video triptych draws its inspiration from fourteenth and sixteenth-century Persian miniatures as well as from contemporary Montreal. Creating a similarity between past and present, the narrative erases the concepts time and space. Parissa Mohit joins medieval pictorial representation with images of Montrealers sketched from real life. A new work with a Russian-doll construction – each story conceals another – Où ai-je vu cela breathes a sense of epic into these slices of Montreal life. Nocturnal characters on Hallowe’en, a Tam Tam dance and a medieval battle on Mount Royal are some of the scenes of everyday life superimposed on Persian legends.

Parissa Mohit’s studies in set design greatly influenced her present-day work in animation. Created out of collages of photos and drawings, her films explore the realms of the imaginary. In 2007, she created 01804, an animated film screened at the World Film Festival, and in 2010 L’Homme et le Train won the Prix du court métrage Georges Laoun Opticien OBORO at the Festival du nouveau cinéma. Où ai-je vu cela is the fruit of a joint PRIM/MAI residency.

Designed and directed by : Parissa Mohit
Animator and Colorist : Éléonore Goldberg
Sound design: Julie Verfaillie
On-line editing: Sylvain Cossette

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