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NOUVELLE SYNAMAÏKA, une réinvention musicale du Venezuela

Musique Multi-Montréal : René Orea-Sànchez

April 19 to 22, 2006

April 19 to 22, 2006

Venezuelan music is characterised by a variety of textures, tones, contrasts, colors, but also by pre-Colombian, North & West African and European influences.

René Orea-Sànchez is a composer and a performer (flute, cuatro, vocal), very well known in the Montreal musical scene. His work is a blend of both contemporary and Venezuelan traditional music, combining melodies from Quebec, Ireland, Africa, Peru and more. He has played with many orchestras and is now member of Çavana and Churuata. In 2005, René Orea-Sànchez won the Étoiles Galaxie’s award. He now proposes a series of shows and exploratory activities as part of Musique Multi-Montréal.

Musique Multi-Montréal

René Orea-Sànchez

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