Rhodnie Désir © David Fabrega

Vi [REC] (2009-2011)

Rhodnie Désir

February 9 to 12, 2012

February 9 to 12, 2012

Rhodnie Désir’s Vi [REC] is a meditation on the mysterious and erratic flow of breath, and on where it breaches the limits of balance and leaves its mark on the body. Four messengers take the stage, enacting the rituals of life and its many sacred steps. Built around the symbolism of the number seven, Vi [REC] lays out the seven steps of life in the form of a countdown. Of Haitian descent, Désir draws upon collective strength and memory, especially that of her African ancestors. Contemporary African dance, the vehicle of breath itself, merges with a projected visual environment. Accompanied by a percussionist, a singer – who uses an invented language – and a juggler, the artist brings into focus the constant presence of one’s own breath.

Presented as part of Ascen/danses africaines, in partnership with Tangente, l’Agora de la danse, Studio 303 and Circuit-Est.

For the last 20 years, Désir has been developing and refining her movement vocabulary. On stage, she has worked with Angélique Kidjo and Marco Caliari and has appeared in the Montreal Highlights Festival. A trained classical ballet dancer, Désir studied contemporary African dance with Zab Maboungou, as well as percussion (djembe and dunun) before joining the Bélébélé troupe as an official dancer and percussionist.

Artistic and Stage Director, Choreographer, Performer / Rhodnie Désir
Percussion / Joannie Labelle
Vocals / Ramon Cespedes
Juggling and Acrobatics / Kyle Driggs
Video projections / Ian Cameron
Lighting design, Production and Technical Director / Caroline Nadeau
Costumes / Isabelle Boudreau
Artistic advisors / Arianna Bardesono and Zab Maboungou
Studio recordings / Philippe Pelletier
Cameraman and photographer / David Fabrega
Box design and production / Patrick Dugas
Stagehand / Richard Houle
Sound Engineer / Jean-François Gagnon

Rhodnie Désir

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