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Leaf in the Whirlwind

Teesri Duniya Theatre

October 10 to 28, 2007

October 10 to 28, 2007

Choreographed and directed by Aparna Sindhoor, Leaf in the Whirlwind is a dance-theatre, which melds the classical Indian dance Bharatnatyam with the structure of theatre, using characters who, through action, dance, words and song, recount a story. Aparna Sindhoor uses the innovative theatrical language to address contemporary themes. The emotional intensity of her work is heightened through radical physical movement, dramatic shifts in plot, live song, character complexity and dialectical conflict. Juxtaposing Bharatanatyam, yoga, different forms of folk dance, body language and world music, Aparna successfully creates a new theatre vocabulary.

Somewhere in an endless void lies the body of a young woman. A chorus known as the Chorus of Remembered Women brings her back to life, then to consciousness and, finally, to speech. She recounts how, carrying a child of a rape that occurred during wartime, she fled from an unnamed time and place. With the retelling of her story, she is forced to come to terms with what it means to resist, survive and ultimately construct a future for the child inside of her. With the help of the chorus members, each of whom has experienced war in her own time and has made a similar journey from death to resurrection, the young woman survives, in her child and in the retelling of the story. In remembering, she herself is remembered.

Teesri Duniya Theatre

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